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I can’t believe another year has passed.  It seems like my buddy just turned six.  Funny story:  at his party, I only put six candles on the cake.  You know, because he is six.  Jack turned to me and said, “uh, Mom, I’m turning seven.”  Oops!  I had to laugh.  I guess I’m just not ready for him to grow up so fast.

Because it’s all the rage with the kids right now, Jackson wanted to have a Minecraft themed party.  We ordered these awesome invitations from Etsy:

Minecraft Invitation

For the goody bags, I found some food tent cards and made them into mini favor bags.  The “gold” are rolos candies.  The “diamonds” are turquoise flavored hard candy I found on Etsy.  And the “coal” is this neat chocolate rock candy I found on Amazon.  I had ideas for several more Minecraft item bags, but these suckers are time-consuming, so I went with just three.

Minecraft Goodybags

The hit of the party (pun intended) was the Steve piñata.  Once again, I found it on Etsy.  The kids loved it!  He held about five pounds of candy, so…yeah, I apologize to the parents who have to deal with all the subsequent sugar rushes.

Minecraft Steve piñata Minecraft Party

A local baker put together this awesome looking (and tasting) cake.  I am no Minecraft expert, but I think it features a Creeper, Steve, and a pig.  I’m sure your kids can tell you all about who they are.  I, on the other hand, cannot!

Minecraft Birthday Cake

After the festivities, the kids played games, danced, and jumped in bouncy houses.  Oh, to have the energy of a seven-year-old again!


Finally, we ordered some neat thank you cards from, you guessed it, Etsy.

Minecraft Thank You Card

Happy 7th birthday to my baby boy!


I adore cupcakes, eating them and making them. For Fall, I make a couple that I think are super cute:  a sunflower and a scarecrow. Really, the perfect time to make these is right after Halloween with your leftover candies.

Fall Cupcakes

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Cupcake mix (or make your own) and wrappers
  • Frosting (chocolate and vanilla)
  • Individually wrapped caramels
  • Mini M&M’s
  • Candy corn
  • Fruit Roll-Ups or Fruit by the Foot
  • Potato sticks
  • Chocolate sprinkles 

Scarecrow and Sunflower Cupcakes 

For the sunflowers, place the candy corn in a circle for the petals, and add the sprinkles in the center. Pretty easy, right?

The scarecrows take a few more steps. The eyes are brown mini M&M’s, and the nose is a candy corn. The smile is chocolate frosting. The most complicated piece is the hat. Take one caramel and flatten it into a disc. Shape a second caramel into a gumdrop, and then push them together. Use your dried fruit cut into strips to cover the seam. Last, place the potato sticks under the hat for hair. And you’re done!  I won’t post the “after” picture where my devil cat knocked half of them over and broke the platter. Hopefully, you won’t have to contend with that!  Happy Fall, y’all!

Scarecrow and Sunflower Cupcakes


Well, its been a minute since I posted last.  Life, specifically work travel, got in the way.  But I’m happy to say that I made some very positive decisions to reclaim my life, and the result has been refreshing!  I have a new job; I’m living in a new state; and most importantly, I’m with my family more than I ever have been.  PSA:  don’t let your work BECOME your life.  *Stepping down from my soapbox*  Now that there is time again for crafting, I wanted to share my first crafty creation in over a year:  a minion pumpkin!

Minions are all the rage with my son and his friends, and I don’t exactly want my six-year-old handling a knife to participate in pumpkin carving.  So, I had him pick out the “yellowest” white pumpkin with an idea in mind.  The picture below is from a few years ago, but you get the idea.  This color pumpkin is a perfect canvas for a minion!


Since the pumpkin is already yellowish, you don’t need to paint the whole thing, just the mouth, trousers, and goggles.  You’ll need blue, black, and white paint as well as a couple of mason jar tops.  I also used a black and brown sharpie for the eyeballs and part of the mouth, but you could easily paint those too.  To make the goggles, we used white paint on the inside of the mason jar tops and hot glued them to the pumpkin.  The whole project took about 30 minutes!
Minion Pumpkin

And there you have it…a cute Halloween decoration for your porch and a fun fall activity for your little one.

Minion Pumpkin