Well, its been a minute since I posted last.  Life, specifically work travel, got in the way.  But I’m happy to say that I made some very positive decisions to reclaim my life, and the result has been refreshing!  I have a new job; I’m living in a new state; and most importantly, I’m with my family more than I ever have been.  PSA:  don’t let your work BECOME your life.  *Stepping down from my soapbox*  Now that there is time again for crafting, I wanted to share my first crafty creation in over a year:  a minion pumpkin!

Minions are all the rage with my son and his friends, and I don’t exactly want my six-year-old handling a knife to participate in pumpkin carving.  So, I had him pick out the “yellowest” white pumpkin with an idea in mind.  The picture below is from a few years ago, but you get the idea.  This color pumpkin is a perfect canvas for a minion!


Since the pumpkin is already yellowish, you don’t need to paint the whole thing, just the mouth, trousers, and goggles.  You’ll need blue, black, and white paint as well as a couple of mason jar tops.  I also used a black and brown sharpie for the eyeballs and part of the mouth, but you could easily paint those too.  To make the goggles, we used white paint on the inside of the mason jar tops and hot glued them to the pumpkin.  The whole project took about 30 minutes!
Minion Pumpkin

And there you have it…a cute Halloween decoration for your porch and a fun fall activity for your little one.

Minion Pumpkin


This weekend, Jackson celebrated his fifth birthday, so I wanted to share a little bit of the fun with you!  We hosted his party at Monkey Joes, a play place for kids with inflatable jumps and slides–a perfect setting for an outer space themed party.

Rocket Ship Invitation

Rocket Vinyl T-Shirt

I made him a t-shirt out of vinyl to get him in the spirit.  Isn’t it cute?  I used the Cricut “Nifty Fifties” cartridge for the design.  You can look at my iron-on tutorial to learn how to make one of your own.

Space Party Goody Bag

And these were the goody bag items!  Space loot included freeze-dried astronaut peaches, star stickers, Pop Rocks, Milky Ways, Starburst, glow sticks, and planet pencils.

Space water bottles

I also made some water bottle labels to coordinate.  Here’s the tutorial if you’d like to DIY.

Space Rocket Cake

And here is my favorite part (because who doesn’t like cake?)!  Cakes by Darcy did a fantastic job.  I gave them a copy of the invitation, and they were able to help design this awesome cake!

Space Party Thank You Card

Finally, I made some matching “Thank You” cards for his friends who joined us.

Monkey Joes Party

Happy Birthday, birthday boy!


This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to prepare a sweet treat for my son’s class that was a little more masculine than the typical roses and butterflies that have become so mainstream.  So, I made my own printable using a typical little boy phrase:  “You rock.”  Of course, a heart made its way in there for good measure, but overall, I’d say these are some handsome valentines.

You Rock Tag

I used a scalloped punch to give them some style.

Red Rock Candy

And, behold…ROCK CANDY!  Get it?!  You rock!

You Rock Valentine

Put it all together with a cellophane pretzel bag and a ribbon, and you’re good to go.

Rock Candy Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, Readers!